90+ Best Hijab Quotes on Faith and Modesty

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Wearing the hijab with our best collection of Hijab quotes.

These quotes the significance, pride, and wearing the hijab in the Islamic faith.

Get into quotes the strength and grace of those who choose to decorate this religious head covering.

You are a modest queen, that knows her true worth by keeping her modest heart secure with shyness.

Like Thorns give protection to flowers, the same hijab does.

The hijab is the veil that has to be drawn over our body, our behavior, and our speech

The best hijab is in the eyes of the beholder. — Benazir Bhutto

I dress to impress no man, I dress to Impress. – Ar-Rahman

Hijab Quotes

The hijab is not just a piece of cloth, it’s a symbol of strength, modesty, and dignity.

There is a face beneath this mask, but it isn’t me. I’m no more that face than I am the muscles beneath it or the bones beneath that. ― Steve Moore, V for Vendetta

For many, the hijab represents modesty, piety, and devotion to God, and I truly respect that. However, the hijab should not be used as a means of applying social pressure on people.

Jesus Would Be Disappointed. Those Who Dress Like His Mother (Mary) are being discriminated against and attacked Physically and mentally.

If your way of wearing the Hijab attracts others, know that your Hijab needs correction. Keep your Hijab as simple as you can.

Hijab is for the body, Haya is for the Soul.

Many sisters complain that people don’t want to marry them unless they stop wearing hijab. No man is worth your hijab, and a real man wouldn’t request you to take it off in the first place.

The hijab doesn’t represent how religious I am. It simply reminds me I’m a Muslimah, even when my Imaan is at my lowest. Everything I do, I should wear it for the sake of Allah.

The beauty of the hijab lies in the confidence and self-respect it brings.

I have always thought that if women’s hair posed so many problems, God would certainly have made us bald. ― Marjane Satrapi, The Complete Persepolis

Modesty is the best jewel of a woman. — Fatima Al Zahra (SA)

The hijab is the veil that has to be drawn over our bodies. our behavior and our speech.

The hijab is Faith, not Fashion.

Wearing the hijab is an expression of devotion and submission to Allah’s command.

Too many people look at it as though it (the hijab) has bizarre powers sewn into its microfibers. Powers that transform Muslim girls into UCOs (Unidentified Covered Objects), which turn Muslim girls from an ‘us’ to a ‘them.

A woman in hijab is like a pearl in her shell. — Fatemeh Sadeghi

I don’t care what others say. I wear hijab for the sake of Allah.

You only see what I allow you to see now That’s Freedom.

A hijab is a personal choice. It is a personal choice to submit to Allah(God) rather than the fashion of society. To be beautiful to God rather than people.

the biggest struggle of having to savagely find something to cover your hair when the mailman rings the doorbell

The hijab is a shield that protects the inner beauty of a woman.

I dressed the way I did not because I was trying to be a nun, but because it felt good—and because it made me feel less vulnerable in general like I wore a kind of armor every day. It was a personal preference. ― Tahereh Mafi, A Very Large Expanse of Sea

That they should draw their veils over their bosoms. — Surah An-Nur (24:31)

Funny how people mock Islamic dress codes. yet on graduation day, they all wear clothes similar to a jubbah to look modest and successful

A woman modestly dressed is a pearl in its Shell.

The ultimate decision [of wearing hijab] must be that of the individual. Western opinions on the hijab or burkas are rather irrelevant. We don’t get to decide for Muslim women what does or does not oppress them, no matter how highly we think of ourselves.

Don’t sacrifice your beauty just for compliments and a few Instagram likes, because, on the day of judgment, nobody will even look at you twice.

modesty isn’t only seen through physical appearance and should occur in one’s personality as well

In a world obsessed with appearances, the hijab stands as a reminder that true beauty comes from within.

Hijab adalah pembebasan dari ketergantungan kosmetik dan topeng. Hijab adalah pembebasan untuk jujur pada hatimu. Hijab adalah pembebas jiwamu dari rantai-rantai duniawi. ― Mahdavi, Ratu yang Bersujud

The veil covers the man’s eyes, not the woman’s. — Shaykh Abdal-Hakim Murad

Hijab, because you are right. The hijab is our right.

The hijab isn’t hiding your beauty with tight clothes, It’s how you handle your beauty for the sake of God.

hijab doesn’t only refer to the headscarf FYI, it also means dressing and acting modestly

The hijab is a crown, a symbol of nobility and grace.

If a woman had a right to wear a miniskirt, surely I had the right to choose my headscarf. My choice was a sign of independence of mind. Surely, to choose to wear what I wanted was an assertion of my feminism. I was a feminist, wasn’t I?

For me, my hijab is my choice, it’s my identity, and it makes me feel whole. — Linda Sarsour

Hijab includes the way a person walks, talks, looks, and thinks, All of it should be done modestly and applies to both Men and Women.

My body was created to pray not to market cars and beers. I love Hijab.

Muslim Women is Clothed in Strength & Dignity. She Trusts in Allah and smiles without fear of the future.

I sometimes see girls wearing a hijab perfectly but their WHOLE bun is showing from the back do they not feel it?

The beauty of hijab lies in the freedom it gives to express one’s faith without fear or compromise.

But I was to learn that choosing to wear the hijab is much easier than choosing to take it off. And that lesson was an important reminder of how truly free choice is. ― Mona Eltahawy,

Modesty Comes in More Than Just Our Physical Appearance. Our Entire Bodies, personalities, and Thoughts Should Emanate Modesty.

Hijab forces a man to look at a woman with respect rather than as an object.

To the Muslim woman, the hijab provides a sense of empowerment. It is a personal decision to dress modestly according to the command of a genderless Creator; to assert pride in self, and to embrace one’s faith openly, with independence and courageous conviction.

Wearing dark hijabs is the key to looking lighter

The hijab is a form of empowerment, enabling women to focus on their intellect and character rather than their physical appearance.

If Modernism is being naked, then animals are more modern than humans. — Dr Zakir Naik

A Women’s Best Jewellery is her Shyness – Hazrat Fatima Bint-e-Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him

You may not be a fairytale princess but you are always a princess of Islam.

Beauty is like a book it can not be judged by its cover.

It is better to lose something for the Almighty than to lose the Almighty for something. — Mufti Menk

My biggest nightmare is losing all my pins at school and having to hold up my hijab instead

The hijab is the ultimate act of freedom, allowing women to choose how they want to be seen and treated. The hijab is a statement of identity, telling the world that I am proud of my faith and values.

Remember, in our tradition, a mother’s scarf is passed on to her daughter. — Soroosh Shahrivar

Why Hijab? because ALLAH created woman right in the shades of JANNAB from the ribs of ADAM (Peace be upon Him)

Haya (Modesty) Does not bring anything except good – Muhammad Peace be upon him.

To all hijabis who are wearing niqab/hijab/abaya in this heat, may Allah shade you on the day that there is no shade but only His shade.

If you lend another hijabi your pin, don’t expect to get it back for real.

The hijab is a reminder that true beauty is not defined by societal standards but by the purity of one’s heart.

What it is about Islam, I thought, that can make a woman so strong that she no longer strives to be noticed by men, no longer needs the admiring gaze to feel attractive, no longer puts herself on display when the rest of the world is doing just that? ― Na’ima B.

In a world full of KARDASHIANS aspire to be like KHADIJAH (May Allah SWT Be Pleased With Her)

If a Woman has the right to show what she has, then she also has the right to cover it up.

Hijab – Because you’re worth it.

Be like a diamond precious and rare. not like a stone found everywhere.

Back in middle school, girls would try to pull my hijab off in the changing room to see my hair

The hijab is a shield against objectification, reminding society to respect women for their minds, talents, and character.

Le voile est essentielle pour le monde, soit par l’organisme, ou au moyen de la connaissanc ― AainaA-Ridtz A R, The Sacred Key — Transcending Humanity

Dear Sisters! One day you will all be covered from head to toe. Don’t let you be last on earth to be the first day you wear hijab!

This Hijab, This mark of Piety, is an act of faith, a symbol for all the world to see…

The hijab, sikh turban, or Jewish skullcap are all explicit symbols, but they do not represent a threat or affront to others and have no bearing on the competence, skills, and intelligence of a person.

THANK GOD no one can see my hair this week, I honestly look scary

Hijab is a call for unity, breaking down barriers of race, class, and societal expectations.

Oh—don’t worry, he said quickly. I’m like eighty percent gay.

A pious wife who helps you in religious and worldly affairs is better than every treasure. — Sahih Al-Jami

The sun doesn’t lose its beauty when covered by the clouds. In the same way, your beauty doesn’t fade when being covered by Hijab.

A hijab with a bad attitude isn’t a Hijab, a Hijab with tight Clothes on Isn’t a Hijab, a Hijab With Hair on the side isn’t a Hijab, a Hijab with layers of Makeup isn’t a Hijab… The hijab is beautiful so make it look beautiful.

Your Hijab is a barrier that blocks so much negativity coming your way.

How can hijab be oppressive when in most countries it requires greater courage to wear it than to remove it yet it is worn?

I put all my hijabs in the washing machine and everything’s pink now.

The beauty of hijab lies in the diversity it represents, showcasing the richness of different cultures and traditions.

I want women like Aunt Michelle to understand that it is not only women who look like them who are free, who think, and care about other women.

Boys with a beard and girls with a hijab are the best Combination Ever.

Hijab My Right My Choice My Life.

When it comes to the hijab – why to wear it, whether to wear it, how to wear it there is theology and then there is practice, and there is huge diversity in both.

Getting confused about how much cap to show when putting on your scarf.

The hijab is a symbol of love and respect, reminding us to treat others with kindness and gentleness.

Help me understand the mindset of a society that implicitly denies a woman her right to choose her attire if the said attire leans more towards modesty than towards exhibitionism.

Your body is sacred. You’re far more precious than diamonds and pearls, and you should be covered, too. — Hana Ali

Muslim girls have their own crown, it’s called hijab. Hijab includes the way a person walks, talks, looks, and thinks, All of it should be done modestly and applies to both Men and Women.

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