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Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody.

A child’s smile is truly the most priceless treasure in the world. – Lionel Messi.

People seldom wear old clothes if you have a big smile. – Lee Mildon

Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful. ​– Thich Nhat Hanh

Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people

Smile Quotes

A child’s smile is worth more than all the money in the world. – Lionel Messi

A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear…!

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

Every day graced with a baby’s smile is a day well-lived

There is always a reason to smile, you just have to find it

Peace begins with a smile. — Mother Teresa

More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate.

Babies are our smiling and dancing dreams. – Apollo M

A smile is the prettiest thing you will ever wear….!

The whole universe dances with joy when a baby smiles.

Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning. – Gloria Steinem

A child’s smile holds a power so profound, it can soften the hardest of hearts and bring joy to the most weary souls.

When you have to work, work with a smile. – Kapil Dev

Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth. — Unknown

I am the happiest creature in the world. Perhaps other people have said so before, but not one with such justice. I am happier even than Jane; she only smiles, and I laugh.

You know there’s nothing like seeing the smile on my kids’ faces. Laughing together. Playing. It’s the best. – Mark Wahlberg

I always wake up smiling… I think it’s your fault….!

There are no words that can describe the euphoria you feel when your baby recognizes you for the first time and smiles.

We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have. – Frederick Keonig

Pure joy is found in the innocent smile of a baby.

I add a smile to everything I wear and that has worked great for me. – David White

There is fear when frowning. There is love when smiling. —Maxime Lagacé

A smile puts you on the right track. A smile makes the world a beautiful place. When you lose your smile, you lose your way in the chaos of life

Children learn to smile from their parents. – Shinichi Suzuki

Victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan….!

No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.

A baby’s smile can chase away the stress of the day, like a ray of pure sunshine. – Apollo M.

All the statistics in the world can’t measure the warmth of a smile. – Chris Hart

Share your smile with the world. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace.– Christie Brinkley

Smiles and tears are so alike with me, they are neither of them confined to any particular feelings: I often cry when I am happy, and smile when I am sad.

Always smile back at little children. To ignore them is to destroy their belief that the world is good. – Pam Brown

A smile is a happiness you’ll find right under your nose….!

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy and smiling child. I always help in any way I can, even if it’s just by signing an autograph. A child’s smile is worth more than all the money in the world

Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless. –Jamie Paolinetti

A baby’s smile speaks a universal language, capable of melting hearts across the world.

Everyone looks so much better when they smile. – Jimmy Fallon

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile. — Unknown

If you smile when you are alone, then you mean it.

There’s always a reason to smile, You just have to find it….!

Happiness is the art of never holding in your mind the memory of any unpleasant thing that has passed.

No matter how dark your day may be, a baby’s smile will always bring a ray of light.

Someone who smiles too much with you can sometimes frown too much with you at your back.

The truth is that when you make your love smile it truly just makes things all worth it then….!

I may not amount to much, but at least I am unique.

A baby girl’s smile can anchor a life, turning the chaos of the world into a haven of peace.

We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do. – Mother Teresa

Smile, smile, smile at your mind as often as possible. Your smiling will considerably reduce your mind’s tearing tension. – Sri Chinmoy

I wondered if my smile was as big as hers. Maybe as big. But not as beautiful.

Your smiles can change the world when you least expect them to, so you might as well do so….!

I’m going to stand outside. So if anyone asks, I am outstanding.

Seeing a baby smile as it drifts off to sleep is a moment of pure ecstasy, a glimpse into a world of dreams.

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. – Mother Teresa

When you lose your smile, you lose your way in the chaos of life

Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. — Mother Teresa

It is the nature of babies to be in bliss. – Deepak Chopra

There may not be much I can do to make my love smile but I will do the best that I can too….!

My children are the reason I laugh, smile, and want to get up every morning.

When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us. – Helen Keller

A baby’s smile is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. – Gift Gugu Mona.

Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about

Nothing you wear is more important than your smile. – Connie Stevens

Sometimes Hen…I think I would give my life just for one of your smiles.

Happiness is seeing your toothless baby smile. – Iriss Finn

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to SMILE….!

Ah, baby! A smiling angel from heaven who came down to earth to steal our hearts.

I just want to make people smile. – Julie Garwood

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. – Buddha

When you can bring a smile to a baby’s face, you are gifted with an unsurpassed joy

I love those who can smile in trouble.- Leonardo da Vinci

I know a thousand different smiles, each with its nuanced shade of meaning, but I don’t know how to reach the few feet away to touch this person next to me. I don’t know how to talk to him. Not when it’s real.

According to a survey by Huggies, 8 out of 10 parents believe that their baby’s smile can turn a bad day around.

Always find a reason to laugh. It May not add years to your life but will surely add life to your years….!

The greatest happiness is when baby smiles fill the air

Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. – Winston Churchill

A child’s smile is the most valuable credit card – it recharges itself, has no spending limit, and is accepted everywhere.

Worry less, smile more. Don’t regret it, just learn and grow.

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness. – William Arthur Ward

A smile is the best way to deal with difficult situations. Even if it’s a fake one. Used properly, you can fool anyone with them.

When you can see kids smiling, that’s one of the best things. That’s why I did Narnia. – James McAvoy

Some people make your laugh a little louder, your smile a little brighter, and your life a little better….!

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive. – Howard Thurman

Knowing that you are the reason behind a baby’s smile is the best feeling in the world.

Everyone should smile. Life isn’t that serious. We make it hard. The sun rises. The sunsets. We just tend to complicate the process

Before you put on a frown, make sure there are no smiles available. — Jim Beggs

When you start giving, instead of getting, you make a difference. You can always give a warm smile, a sincere hello, a positive vibe… your attention, your time, your love, and kindness to those around you.

There are no words that can describe the euphoria you feel when your baby recognizes you for the first time and smiles. – Jared Padalecki

Cute smile quote – Smiling is the best way to face every problem, to crush every fear, and to hide every pain….!

You just need to see a baby smile to know that there is good in this world.

If you have the power to make someone happy, do it. The world needs more of that.

A child’s smile expands the universe, bringing a sense of awe and wonder to all who see it. – Charles de Leusse.

It hurts when you have to smile and you don’t want to smile, but the best thing to do is to smile. – Mary J. Blige

Smile at strangers and you just might change a life.¨- Steve Maraboli

Love and compassion are the mother and father of a smile. We need to create more smiles in our world today. Smiles, after all, pave the way to a happy world.

Babies smile without any reason. Be like a baby. – Debasish Mridha

Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face but with a great and strong purpose in your heart….!

A day where you witness at least one baby’s smile is always a day well spent.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. – Henry David Thoreau

A child’s smile has a magical power to turn even the dreariest house into a bright and cheerful home

Smiling doesn’t necessarily mean you’re happy. Sometimes it just means you are strong.

A baby’s smile is like a piece of heaven in your arms, radiating pure joy and happiness.

I wake up every day with a smile on my face. – Henry Ian Cusick

Just for today, smile a little more. — James A. Murphy

Whenever I came into the room, she’d light up, so happy to see me. No one in the course of my entire life was ever as happy to see me as she was. Looking back, now, I realize that you only ever need one person who lights up that way when you enter a room. One person is all it takes to give a kid confidence.

A woman has two smiles that an angel might envy, the smile that accepts a lover before words are uttered, and the smile that lights on the firstborn babe, and assures it of a mother’s love. – Thomas Chandler Haliburton

Smile like a monkey with a new banana. It doesn’t matter who hurt you, Or broke you down, what matters is who made you smile again….!

A smile is a language that every baby understands.

It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball. I did it in one afternoon on the golf course. – Hank Aaron

A smile from a child has the power to heal the coldest of hearts.

Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart. – Anthony J. D’Angelo

Gratitude paints little smiley faces on everything it touches. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Live a good life. More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate.

A baby’s smile is a dancing flower of twinkling stars. – Apollo M

Smiling is one of the best beauty remedies. If you have a good sense of humor and a good approach to life, that’s beautiful….!

Your baby’s smile fills the gap in your heart which you never realized was empty.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. – Martin Luther King Jr.

A baby’s laughter is a language that everyone understands.

The most beautiful curve on a woman’s body is her smile. – Bob Marley

Use your smile to change the world but don’t let the world change your smile. — Unknown

Memphis found his smile. ‘You know me, sir. I don’t wear worry.

A toddling little girl is the centre of common feelings which makes the most dissimilar people understand each other. – George Eliot

Don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened….!

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